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Arizona Allnation Refugee Resource Center (AARRC) previously known as The Iraqi American Society for Peace and Friendship (IASPF) is a non-profit, community based organization dedicated to assisting new refugees in Metro Phoenix in overcoming barriers to self-sufficiency and integration by providing education, advocacy and empowerment programs.   AARRC works to establish community dialogue, awareness, and potential for new opportunities.  AARRC strengthens the refugee community by closing service gaps that remain after the initial resettlement service period.

The need for extended resettlement services developed as over 10,000 Iraqi refugees have been resettled into the Phoenix area over the last two decades.  To accommodate the continuous influx of refugees,  AARRC developed programs that provide social, economic and educational services, which include English language instruction, citizenship preparation, employment support, translation services, immigration assistance, and referral to community services.

In addition to basic navigation and employment services, AARRC houses a Women’s Empowerment Program and Youth Outreach Program to support the unique needs of Iraqi families.  These programs promote health, community building and youth integration in the community.  AARRC’s programs operate with the assumption that individuals who participate in educational and empowerment programs are able to overcome depression, domestic violence and high-risk behaviors, and rather become civically engaged and are able to achieve a sustainable quality of life.

Our staff includes individuals from the community that know the culture and have experienced being a refugee themselves.  Therefore, we are well-equipped to meet the needs and challenges faced by new arrivals.  We are privileged to serve refugees who, after fleeing their homeland, still struggle every day to survive and adapt to their new country.


Arizona Allnation Refugee Resource Center (AARRC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities, advocacy, and empowerment services to the Refugee community of Phoenix, Arizona.

Arizona Allnation Refugee Resource Center Board

Jabir Algarawi, President


Jabir Algarawi came to the United States in 1993 as a refugee from Iraq. For several years he volunteered his time helping others from his homeland adapting to their new country.

In 2000, with a grant from the Federal Government, he opened the first Iraqi Refugee Center. As Founder and Director of the Arizona Refugee Community Center he established various opportunities to empower refugees, such as English and Citizenship Classes, Women’s and Youth Groups.

He also assisted other refugee communities to develop their own programs.

In 2003 and then again in 2005 he returned to Iraq to work for USAID local governance and democracy project serving as a Civil Society Specialist and Project Manager. In 2012, he again applied and was awarded a grant from the Federal Refugee Resettlement Office to open a new refugee community center the Iraqi American Society for Peace and Friendship. He is serving as the Board President. He can often be found volunteering at the refugee center.

Holly Marshall, Vice President


Three decades of experience as an attorney and counselor at law in family and civil law. She is a graduate of Rutgers University School of Law She has a small office in our center and has been working with refugee families in crisis, assisting them in court and advising on domestic violence issues.

Rosalind Rivera, Board Secretary 


Rosalind Rivera started volunteering her time teaching English to refugees from all over the world in 1998. She joined Jabir Algarawi in his efforts to put together a Federal grant to open a refugee center in 1999. In 2000, she continued to work for the City of Phoenix Municipal Court as the Interpreter Coordinator and volunteered at the center after hours.

In 2002, after Rosalind had written and successfully secured several grants for the center she was asked to join the staff as the Resource Director.

In 2003, Rosalind worked as the Director of the center continuing its mission at a smaller location until 2006.

In 2008, Rosalind and Jabir meet with many of the new Iraqi refugees. Seeing a growing need for a refugee center to reopen, Rosalind joined Jabir in his efforts to obtain funding for a new refugee center.

In 2012, Rosalind assisted in hiring staff and creating Management and Operations Resources. She is serving as Board Secretary.

Sabaa Abdullah, Treasurer


Sabaa received her Master’s degree of Education in Early Childhood from Grand Canyon University in 2016. She is also currently working on her Doctoral degree in Education, Organizational Leadership at Grand Canyon University, and is expected to Graduate in 2024. She has experience working with refugees by working as an Arabic interpreter and as a teacher.

Ghada Sousan, Board Member

unnamed (2)

Ghada received her Bachelor’s degree in Law in 1995 from Damascus University in Syria. She is a caregiver and works closely with patients and their doctors. She volunteers  and provides interpreting services for  refugees. 

Amina Ghafoori, Board Member 

unnamed (3)

Amina received her associate degree from Phoenix College in 2005. She works as a teller at Chase Bank and because of her job she assists many people by processing their monetary requests, such as withdrawals, deposits and account issues. She also has experience with customer service by working at Picnic Peak Golf.

Allen Hsu, Board Member 


Allen passed the State Bar examination and is an attorney in the State of New York with the Supreme Court (Appellate Division) , he is also an immigration attorney in Arizona. First Department (1992 – present). As an immigration law attorney, Allen volunteers his time assisting staff and refugee clients with immigration issues. 


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  1. i have a friend that works with me in Baghdad. He should be getting his resident visa soon and wants to move to Phoenix but he’d like to know any help he could get from the Iraqi community there. He’s a trained nurse and pharmacist and is nearly fluent in English. If you could reply to my email address I’d be grateful.


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