Recreational Programs

AARRC Soccer Team: Last fall, AARRC organized a youth soccer team, composed of 15 newly arrived refugees. The team practices twice weekly and is team is coached by a former Iraqi refugee and professional soccer player. They will compete in the One World Soccer Tournament in April.

Tae Kwon Do Classes: A refugee community member and Tae Kwon Do practitioner teaches free Tae Kwon Do classes to 20 youth every Saturday. The kids enjoy an activity that teaches discipline and builds skill.

Youth Arabic Classes: Sunday mornings, two community members volunteer their time to teach Arabic classes at the AARRC  community center to youth ages 5-13.

Social Events: The Youth Council planned and hosted a variety of social events, including a Halloween celebration, a trip to the theater, a tour of local Christmas light displays, and a sports day at the park.

Church for the Nations Partnership: AARRC ’s Youth Program teamed up with Church for the Nations (CFTN) to bring the two youth groups together for a day trip to Sedona. The youth enjoyed hiking, friendship, and sharing culture. At the start of Ramadan in July, the CFTN youth group hosted at a sundown meal for the AARRC’s youth.  Before the meal, AARRC’s Youth Program Coordinator led a Ramadan presentation followed by discussion.


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