Academic Enrichment

Education Seminar: Phong Le, School Outreach Liaison from Catholic Charities spoke to 15 Youth Council members about educational opportunities, including High School Equivalency courses, vocational programs and higher education. Since many of the youth face difficulties with entering American schools at a grade level lower than where they were in Iraq, many students face aging out of the system before they complete high school. Learning about options, such as the High School Equivalency Exam and General Educational Development (GED) Certificate provide alternatives for completing secondary education.

Arizona State University (ASU) Campus Tour: Youth Council toured the ASU campus to learn about higher education opportunities and degree programs at the university. They visited the library, engineering schools and learned about the application process.

After School Tutoring: Every Tuesday night our center is open for youth tutoring in classroom subjects along with counselling, self-help and social activities.

Youth Arabic Classes: Sunday mornings, two community members volunteer their time to teach Arabic classes at the AARRC community center to youth ages 5-13.