Job Seeker Resources

Services for job seekers:
Information regarding claims for unemployment benefits
Job search, career planning, and skill self-assessment tools
Employer directories for job searching
Resume writing software and support materials
Occupational training information
Employability skills workshops
Job leads and referral services
Interviewing information
Eligibility determination to funded programs
Oral interpretation and written translation services to persons with limited English proficiency
Usage of phones, Internet, copy and fax machines
Information on adult education, financial aid, job training, etc.
Assistive technology and alternative formats, i.e. Zoom Text- Screen Magnifier, TTY communication system, etc.

Employment Services Program:
The Employment Services Program assists individuals seeking help filing for unemployment benefits. Unemployed men and women have access to the library for self-directed searches of career-related information, business directories, online resources, job postings and other tools. Also, the self-directed resource room offers employability skills training, resume writing, testing and assessment services.

Learning Lab:
The Learning Lab offers free structured classroom instruction in computer technology, keyboarding and Microsoft Office applications on a “first come, first served” basis.

Other training services cover basic computer skills, English as a Second Language (ESL), and GED preparation. These training services, offered on an individual basis, are customized to meet the needs of each student. Students have the opportunity to learn at their own pace in a supportive environment.


Job Search Hints:

  1. Ask people to help. Talk with friends and family about your job search to make sure others know what kind of job you need. For help in your jobs search, look at our refugee friendly employers and job search sites below.
  2. Develop your skills. Keep practicing your English and developing your job skills.  For classes or job training, please check out our education page.
  3. Be dependable. Employers see your ability to meet a deadline and show up on time as a good indicator of what kind of employee you will be.  Get your applications in on time and be early to your interviews!
  4. Look the part. Always arrive at an interview looking professional and well groomed.
  5. Do your research.  Take time to understand the company before you arrive for your interview.  Ten minutes of research can be the difference between getting a job and being passed up.

The following employers have either chosen to hire refugees in Tucson or give great benefits to their employees in all levels of employment! Please click on their link to begin the application process with that company.

Walgreens  Americorps Albertsons Interpreting
 CVS Sears  Discount Cab Wells Fargo

Job Search Sites and Information on Searching for a Job

The State of Arizona has jobs in all different areas including helping children in dorms, driving buses, and higher positions.  The state of Arizona also has great benefits.  The process of applying can take some time but it is well worth the wait! This search engine has job opportunities all over Tucson in a variety of different areas.  It is easy to narrow your search while you explore the many opportunities in our Idealist is a perfect search engine for someone who is looking to do good while working.  This site lists non-profit work and volunteer opportunities.  You may not get paid too well, but you will make a bid difference in the world! Have you loved harvesting outside withIskashitaa? Maybe an outdoor job is what you need.  These jobs are at camps and outdoor centers across the country.  But watch out for those that ask you to pay to travel!  They just want your money!
Monster is a great job search engine but the amount each search returns can be overwhelming.  Narrow your search carefully to avoid getting too many results and only apply for jobs you are interested  Job Hunt has a number of jobs in Arizona.  More importantly,their are tons of resources to help you understand job searching and applying for