Womens Empowerment

The Women’s Empowerment Program provides educational, empowering experiences for refugee women.

We offer workshops on topics including Women’s Health, Domestic Violence, American Culture, and Goal Setting. In addition, we host monthly social events and roundtable discussions.

AARRC’S Women’s Program workshops and training’s empower refugee women with a better understanding of their new community. Women who understand the language and can navigate the social structure are better equipped to advocate for themselves and their children, which strengthens the family structure and parent-child relationship.

One of the women’s group participants who actively attends workshops, had this to say about how the Women’s Program has benefited her:  “ I always felt afraid and nervous but now I feel like: I am a woman and I can do anything, even with all my physical pain I am happy. I am here, and I can strengthen my family in Iraq through my words.”  Iman N.

Partnerships with Refugee Women’s Health Clinic, Association for Supportive Childcare, Desert Mission Health Clinic, Terros Behavioral Health, Arizona Department of Health, Catholic Charities Community Services, Refugee Focus, and International Rescue Committee

Recent workshop topics include:

Women’s Health Series: Breast Cancer Prevention Workshop: Co-facilitated by Dr. Etmad Aldousori, a newly arrived Iraqi refugee. The workshop was held at nearby apartment complex. Since breast cancer is the most common cancer in Iraq and among women worldwide, the women learned the importance of early detection and screening.

Health and Nutrition Workshop: Participants learned about healthy eating habits and exercise as a component of preventative care. A partnership with the Arizona Department of Health and A2Z Vitamins provided materials and free vitamins to all women participating in the workshop.

Affordable Care Act Presentation: Representatives from the Arizona Department of Health held an informative seminar on the Affordable Care Act and recent health care changes. The workshop helped participants understand the new health care act and how to make informed choices about their health. In addition, IASPF works with a refugee community member who is a Certified Navigator to assist individuals through the enrollment process.

Childcare Professional Certification Training: Facilitated by the Association for Supportive Child Care (ASCC), this 60 hour course is designed to prepare participants for careers in child care centers, HeadStart programs, preschools, and as a component of the Child Care business certification. 31 participants have earned certificates in this training. Participants entered employment in child care or continued on to start home-based childcare businesses.


For more information about our Women’s Programs contact Fatema Alharbi our Program Manager at falharbi@iaspf.org.

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