The services we currently offer include; Women’s Programming, Youth Empowerment and Workforce Development.

Workshops provide educational experiences in addition to building community networks. Participants respond that these workshops allow them a safe space to connect with other refugees. Many of the refugees are desperate to connect with others who speak their own language and who understand their culture; and those who have been here longer serve as mentors and advocates to the new arrivals. The workshops empower participants:  in sharing their experiences, they also gain perspective and help from those further along in the process. One client expressed: “I’m new here, and I didn’t really have any friends, but now, all of you are my friends.”

Recent workshop topics:

Financial Literacy: Participants learned about the U.S. banking system and were introduced to basics of budgeting, saving, and planning for the future.

Phoenix Police Workshop: Detective Luis Samudio, City of Phoenix Police, presented to the women and youth about the role of law enforcement and what to do if stopped by a police officer. Participants learned about Arizona’s laws and how to become more engaged in their community.

U.S. Senator John McCain’s Office Visit: Ana Armandarez, Constituent Advocate from Senator John McCain’s office spoke to the community about immigration related issues and answered questions regarding family reunification.

American Dream Academy Session: IASPF now AARRC partnered with ASU and IRC to host a 10-week session of the American Dream Academy. The course was facilitated in Arabic by a Glendale Union School District teacher and daycare was provided. The goal of the Dream Academy is to empower families to support their children’s education. Participants learned ways to partner with their children’s schools, academic standards and performance requirements, academic success plans, and the importance of reading and spending time together.


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