Women’s Empowernment Catolog

Launch a Small Business


Train Women to Launch Small Businesses

This gift includes training for women in saving money and managing a small business. It also provides them with the startup capital they can use to start their own venture.

AARRC’s training on launching a small business:

  • Educates women on how to manage money wisely
  • Enables them to become self-reliant, confident leaders
  • Provide her with workplace attire and start-up supplies

Many refugee women  are at a disadvantage because they haven’t had the training or education. Your gift of a small business changes that by arming them with the knowledge they need to take control of their own lives by starting their own small businesses. Women who can increase their income are not only better able to support their families, but they can become leaders in their communities as well.

Job training for women creates new jobs in the community. Your gift will provife a lifeline of hope for a women struggling to support herself and her children. You’ll sappy job skills and business training so she can make a good living in such fields as tailoring, jewelry-making, baking and much more.

Women’s Self-Help Group


Empower Women to Prosperity

This donation consists of training sessions geared to help women create better lives for themselves and their families. AARRC ‘s Women’s Self-Help Group:

  • Teaches women to read and write, empowering them to take control
  • Gives them training to increase their sense of self-reliance
  • Reduces their vulnerability to domestic violence
  • Encourages women to become business owners

Women are the keep to empowering out community. Empowered women propel their families and communities toward prosperity. Through education and encouragement, AARRC  is helping women find their voice.

Send a Women to School


Educate and Empower Women

This gift provides women with the ability to go to English school. The donation covers fees and supplies. When you send a women to school with your donation, this gift:

  • Empowers women through education
  • Equips them with books, paper and other language learning materials
  • Provides for other school expenses and tutoring

Women often suffer the most from gender discrimination. They are often denied the opportunity to go to school because resources are limited.

We believe in giving every women the chance to fulfill her potential. Join us in breaking this cycle of discrimination.